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Big story.

I'm pretty new to living out on my own. I'm a young 19 and moved out of my parents' place in October 2007.
My first apartment was very nice, quiet, small, clean and with a very kind Irish landlady.

Around December, I move in with my boyfriend Jordan because I got sick after getting a needle stick injury from my job and couldn't work (and therefore couldn't afford my nice little place). Jordan took me in and cared for me while I wasn't able to work.

Why Jordan got the apartment here is beyond me. It's a basement suite, a stove with damaged elements right next to the front door, carpeted (heavily stained) kitchen, no deadbolt on the door, a sink that drained very slowly, stains and water damage on the walls and roof, two windows, holes in the walls, hot water that only lasts for 10 minutes and the neighbours above us were extremely noisy. All for $550 inclusive a month. The apartment is medium sized.

Jordan never met the Landlord, Lance, before. The apartment was shown to him by Lance's partner Jeff who said that everything would be fixed up/cleaned before Jordan moved it. It wasn't.

One day, our sink stopped draining. We had been trying to phone Lance for a month, telling his secretaries that it wasn't draining properly. He never phoned us back. Jordan took apart a couple of the pipes in the sink and we drained the water out into a bucket. Guess what Jordan found in the bend of one of the pipes. Three whole popsicle sticks.
It stayed that way for two months and we kept trying to phone him.

We also kept trying to phone Lance about me moving in. The rental agreement said Jordan was allowed one more adult tenant. I wasn't able to move in with my parents because they live out in the country, 20 minutes away from a hospital which I needed close by in case something happened. I moved in with Jordan anyway and Jordan notified his secretaries on this. One day we got a call back on our answering machine while we were at the hospital. We tried to phone him back but he wasn't there. We asked if there was someone else we could speak too. Apparently not. We asked for Lance's home phone number. They said that wasn't allowed. Fine.

About a month ago, my Mum came to visit me and almost started crying at seeing me live in this shithole. I showed her all that was wrong with the apartment and she convinced me to go down there myself and refuse to pay rent until we had our sink fixed. I did. We had a plumber come by that evening and the sink drains fine now.

We also had trouble with our neighbours. They left their garbage out for three days on the front landing, they left their laundry in the washing machine/dryer for days on end, they left their children unsupervised and their kids left their toys all over the place inside as well as we constantly heard banging, shrieking, screaming, yelling and loud music coming from their apartment.
Lance wouldn't phone us back on it. So I started phoning the police on my neighbours when it got too loud. I only phoned the police twice and I found they (my neighbours) egged my car and let air out of my tires. Lance wouldn't do anything about it.

Jordan finally got sick of me not being an official tenant and went down to the office to fill out paperwork. He comes home and I find that Lance has raised the rent by $100. No notice. It was the 22nd of February and we were expected to pay $650 on March 1st.

I made another trip down to Lance's office with a printed out piece of paper from the government of Manitoba's website on landlord laws. I highlighted the parts about how landlords are supposed to keep up maitenance, follow up on complaints, have to give three months notice and could only raise rent by a certain percent.

Both Jordan and my first time meeting Lance. As soon as I walked in, he started insulting me. He acted like a middle school bully. He made fun of the fact that I was sick, my deep voice, insinuated that I was calling him stupid (which I wasn't, I was confused) and kept interupting me the entire time. I told him that I would easily get the police or tenant board involved. He said that he had family in both of them who would make my life Hell.
After about 20 minutes of verbal argument, I had to excuse myself because I was having homocidal thoughts and went outside for a couple of minutes before I killed him. Lance talked to Jordan while I waited in the car.

I came and found out that Jordan submitted to him because he "doesn't like to fight". I had never been more pissed off with him in my whole life. He also signed the agreement of the raised rent so I couldn't take it to the tenant board.

Coming home, crying my eyes out, I finally convinced Jordan, after giving him an ultimatum, for us to look for a new apartment. The ultimatum was that I was going to move whether he liked it or not. He was welcome to come with me, but if not, we wouldn't be together anymore if he was that stupid to let someone fuck him over because he doesn't like confrontation.

We have two applications in for some nice apartments right now. :)


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Apr. 11th, 2008 01:22 pm (UTC)
This sounds like the typical landlord/tenant relationship to me. Honestly, from my personal experiences living in a college town where rental properties outnumber those that are actually purchased and owned by the non-student population--this is the norm. It's sad but true.

You should still seek out legal action against your landlord for the way you were treated. The last time a landlord/management company treated me that way I got the State Corporation Commission on their tail which proved to be very useful in that particular situation. They were found to have 'questionable' business practices and were basically ordered to null our leases and refund every penny of the 1700.00 that they were initially paid as pre-payment.

I've had to at least threaten legal action against every landlord that we've had (3) except the one we have currently but I think that's because we are just renting a lot for a mobile home. We kind of own the actual home so we don't have to worry about making the landlord do anything unless something strange happens in the yard which is not likely.
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