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Help Others Spot A Slumlord

Whether you are currently having a bad rental experience or want to prevent someone else from having a bad experience with your landlord after you move out, you should know the right way to approach the issue. There's a simple (free) one stop shop for reporting a landlord in public forum so that others will have the opportunity to locate and use that information to their advantage.

This tactic works whether you are renting from a property management company in a large city or an individual landlord in a rural location. Websites such as ApartmentRatings.com will provide ample user information and ratings for larger cities but if you live in the country and primarily rent from individuals, you will find that there's little to no information available. This is a growing problem because not only does it make it difficult to make a housing decision, would-be slumlords see it as a green light to continue what they have been doing for years: Charging you top dollar for rent, taking your money and continually allowing their property to decline to the point that your living situation is somewhat less than abysmal. This is unacceptable but nothing will be done until tenants take a stand against this type of management.

Most landlords who are reading this would claim that all tenants are problematic and while I know that there's a great share of people out there who will utterly destroy a rental property willfully there are also lots of hard working people out there who struggle to make ends meet and have no other choice but to rent depending on cost, location, etc. For those people who are model tenants, it is not right that you should have to live is squalor because you are spending 30% to 60% of your monthly earned income to pay your landlord who likely does nothing other than sit around cramming your hard earned money into his pockets for his own prosperity.

So, now you would like to know how to deal with the issue of your landlord?  There's a website called RipoffReport.com that is a compilation of complaints against various companies and individuals. The reason I mention this website is because anytime anything is posted, it immediately gets aggregated into google search and will turn up somewhere on top every time when that person or company is searched out. Of course, you have to pick the right keywords which will be discussed later. It is free to sign up on RipoffReport.com and you do not have to sign your name to any report if you don't want to. There's also a feature that allows you to upload photos if you have them. This could be particularly useful in backing up points you may make in your written report. It's always good to proof read your report and make sure that it is factual and also uses proper grammar and the right keywords so that you can guarantee that it will show up in a search. When you begin on this website, you will be asked for basic information on the individual or company you wish to complain about. This will include a name, phone number, website if one exist and fax if one exist. After that, you will be asked to provide additional information that is your search terms. This is where good keyword selection comes in.  For example, the header of your complaint may feature the name of the landlord, first and last along with the name of his or her company if they maintain a company. It is very important to use their name or company name here because this is what others will search for first if they need information. Make it easy for those who are looking to locate the information.

In further information, you will be asked to provide additional search terms related to the complaint. DO NOT relate these terms to the complaint, instead relate them to the geographic area to which your complaint is relevant and general topics of your complaint and separate with commas. An example would be John Doe, Company Name, xyz town landlords, xyz town rentals, xyz town housing, xyz town apartments, xyz town New Mexico (or other state) you get the general idea. Think as though you were the one searching for information. If you were preparing to rent a home in a certain city or town, you would likely search for "rentals in xyz town" or something similar. Such a search is designed to hit on your keywords and therefore will bring up the information you are looking for near the top of the search.

I would advise against using RipoffReport.com if you are currently still residing in your rental and wish to complain about your landlord. It's entirely possible that your landlord could become irate and react against you for it. Although this is illegal and defined as Retaliatory Action in most states, it happens and it happens pretty regularly.  Save this alternative for after you move out and prevent your landlord from renting out their units for a long time to come. RipoffReports are never removed although the subject of your report always has an opportunity to write a rebuttal that will be visible but in most cases, if you provide photos and videos of them in action in your report, they won't be able to rebut anything. They will just lose their precious money month after month...that will hurt them more than anything!