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Funny how things work out....

Just a few days ago I happened to be talking to one of our nice neighbors who still currently lives in the apartment building where we used to live. It is important to mention that this particular building only had 5 rental units so it is rather small. We knew each of the tenants who lived there and quickly became on friendly terms with all of them. All but one, that is. The lady who lived upstairs. Upon moving in, we found her to be rather strange. She didn't throw parties or anything like that but she didn't act normal either. She worked a 2nd and 3rd shift alternating job which caused her to keep odd hours compared to everyone else who had daytime jobs. She frequently only came out at nighttime to do things like check her mail, take out the trash etc. This lady only had one guest the whole year that we lived there.  The reason we couldn't stand this lady was because she walked around like King Kong!

This little lady would keep us awake all hours of the night usually beginning at 11 PM or shortly after and lasting on and off throughout the night on days that she was at home. It became increasingly more frequent to the point that we were getting no sleep whatsoever. She would also make it a point to slam her door whenever she left the apartment and came home. This door was located right over our bedroom. Once in a while she would also give her trash can a hard kick knocking it down the stairs to land just outside of our bedroom window and often roll into the window waking us up with a bang. Not fun!

To make a long story short, this went on for about the first 6 months that we lived there without any confrontation. One afternoon we came home from work to find that our ceiling had cracked and plaster was laying around the apartment. We heard this horrible banging so we both went upstairs, knocked on her door and nicely explained that our ceiling was cracking and asked her to please stop whatever it was she had been doing because we didn't want to pay for the ceiling repairs. Promptly after this, we made a note to the landlord and photographs that we handed to him with the rent to document this conversation and the present damages in order to protect ourselves. It was at this point that our landlord laughed in our face and blew us off. The noise problem continued until one weekend I had all I could take and called the police. The lady upstairs got a warning and we didn't have anymore problems after that. Apparently this ticked her off and she whined to the landlord about it which in turn caused us to be on very bad terms with the landlord to the point that we were afraid if we allowed any contact with him that he would use it as a chance to kick us out on the street before our lease was up. Therefore we avoided him at all possible cost whether that be not staying at home or pretending we weren't there.

Three months of this went on, letters were left on our door from the landlord about stupid things like trimming the shrubs, location of trash cans and supposedly pestering the lady upstairs (which was the real reason for the letters I believe) until finally we had to ask the landlord to fix the AC unit and returned home to find a notice to vacate stuck on our door.

A few months after we left the apartment, turned over the keys and finalized our court case against the landlord, we found out that someone my husband knew had moved into the apartment. This person has since updated us on a few things. One of those things being that the landlord had to come look at the fuse box a while back and ended up talking badly about us. One of the things he mentioned was that we were bugging the lady upstairs and he just got rid of us because he knew that she would be there forever and we wouldn't. That's hilarious because we were just talking to the lady who lives in the other apartment after seeing her out in town and she mentioned this horrid verbal fight that apparently involved the throwing of objects and a lot of shouting followed by 2 moving trucks over the next 2 days. The lady upstairs moved out of the apartment and has left!

Now the funny thing about it is that this particular landlord is going to have trouble renting this apartment because it smells horrible. The whole building smells bad--and i've done a nice bit of work around local landlord websites to tell the truth about what this particular landlord is like.  As far as I can tell, it's been vacant for about a month and he has yet to rent the apartment.  


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Apr. 11th, 2008 07:41 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a picnic compared to the building I'm the super for. The management company only cares about money like most of them do. I've got a suspected ped living in the basement of the building who has vermin for pets and let's them run around loosely. He also rides his folding bike to a post office box two miles away instead of getting his mail delivered directly. I've found brown paper wrappings of his mail with packages from Germany which usually means illegal material. I've tried to get him out but management says he's a good tenant because he always pays on time. His apartment stinks too. I get so depressed that I get high to deal with it.
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