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My old landlord, what fun that place was!

I just joined this community, and thought I should write about my old landlord.

So my parents and I moved into this townhome, it was a cute place, looked nice, and was in a great part of town. We liked the house a lot, until a bit after we moved in, we realized how cold it was in the Winter. It was seriously freezing, which made me sleep on the couch instead of my room because of the coldness downstairs. Nothing too major, it didn't really cause a problem.

Well Summer came, and our house became HOT. We could crank the air conditioner all the way, but nothing cooled it down. My parents requested someone come look at the air unit, but the landlords never got working on it. We finally called them, said we are going to have someone look at it and we would send them the bill, and whatever needs to be fixed can be discussed between them. We had someone come out and were surprised at what they found.

So the worker comes up, and tells us we have big problems. There was some part on the unit that was cracked, and was emitting carbon monoxide. He said he had to turn the unit off so we couldn't use it, because it could poison us. He said we needed to contact our landlord because the whole unit had to be replaced, told us to get some fans, but there was no way that he could turn the unit back on until it was fixed. He wrote in sharpie on the unit that it was broken, emitting harmful gas, and had to be shut off.

So we contact out landlord, who then decides to send out someone they personally know, and get a second opinion. It took a few days for that to happen, which we complained about. Our already hot house was unbearably hot.Their guy comes, laughs, and sees nothing wrong with the unit. They turn it back on. We don't use the unit, because I have a small child, a disabled mother, and didn't know who to believe when it came to the gas. We didnt want my Mom or child, who are even more susceptible to the gas, to be hurt. It isnt good for anyone to be around that!

The other company comes out, looks at it, shows us directly where its cracked, and said he has to shut it off again, calls our landlord, and this is where things get messed up. The landlord refuses to pay for repairs, as their friend said nothing was wrong. The new unit was at least a few thousand bucks. The repair guy found out how much we pay for rent (1250$) and says if he was us, he would withhold rent and take them to court because of an unsafe environment. So we contact the landlord, and do just that.

For awhile nothing is said. My parents take a job an hour away, I can tolerate the heat a bit more, so I am cool with no air conditioning being used. Then we get a court letter to appear for not paying rent. Cool with us, we will complain about the unsafe environments.

Well during the court proceedings, we find out that they want to complain about how their guy said they couldnt find any crack in the unit, but our guy did, showed pictures, and explained why its dangerous. The landlord said that the house was okay to live in, we could of just used heaters or bought fans to live in there comfortably. They then complain about me living alone there most of the time, and said because of my age I could throw parties and destroy the house. Um, what? Yes I may be 24, but my kid lives at home with me, I dont throw parties! They said my dog destroyed the carpet, which is crap because the carpets were cleaner than when we moved in, and my dog NEVER has accidents and he doesnt chew on anything he isnt supposed to. Plus, my parents took him with them when they moved, so he wasnt even there.

Bickering goes back and forth, but it was decided that we didnt have to pay them anything, they didn't owe us costs we used in order to move quickly, so basically it was a done deal.

Now we moved across the street from the house, and we found out they had a hell of a time renting the place because they refused to fix the unit, and the house couldnt be properly heated or cooled. Now that its summer, people are living there and I wonder how they will deal with the heat that is going to make their house basically a roasting oven :)


Jun. 3rd, 2009 06:51 pm (UTC)
I'm in Colorado :)
Jun. 3rd, 2009 07:38 pm (UTC)
I had to ask because we're in VA and VA has what is known as the VA Residential Landlord & Tenant Act which specifies specifically that the landlord must provide minimally --working heat and if AC is on premises that it must be working properly as well.

I wanted to point you in the direction of a Landlord & Tenant Act that your state might have. Some states don't have one.